I was born in an era where children didn't have access to cameras like they do now, but I was fortunate enough that my parents took my love for taking photographs seriously back then and purchased my first camera at the age of five - a Fisher Price Kodak. And I have been documenting life through my lens ever since. 
What fascinates and excites me the most is the everyday life. The simplicity, both visually and conceptually. What is missing from our everyday lives; the ordinary moments. 
Born and raised in Iran but having spent much of my life moving around, I've become well acquainted with a nomadic lifestyle and love to travel as much as I can. Because I believe we're here for a short time and I want to see as much of this beautiful land and its beautiful beings as I can. 
I've had the honor of showcasing and publishing my work in various countries across the world and among masters such as Abbas Kiarostami in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, The United States, Dubai and Iran. 

And the basis of my life is this simple quote by Henry James :

"Three things in human life are important : the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind."